Day Care lead Inspection

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Letters were sent out to licensed daycare facility owners on January 31st 2017.

Lead Paint Inspections Required for Family and Child Day Care Facilities.

In December of 2016 the city council in the city of Philadelphia passed legislation around the subject of lead paint inspections Family and Child Day Care Facilities.

The changes are set to go into effect when your license renews in 2018 but the department of licenses and inspections has sent this notification out almost a year in advance so all are notified of their responsibilities to begin the process of complying with the requirement sooner than later.

Day Cares Need Lead Inspections to Renew License in 2018

Section 6 – 800 of the Philadelphia code requires family child day care facilities to obtain a certification that the premises are LED safe or lead-free and submit that certification to the health department for review before a family child daycare license will be issued by the department of licenses and inspections.

This is an issue City Council has been working on since 2016 to protect Philadelphians, especially children, against the ravages of lead poisoning.

In order to certify your property you must have a state license let inspector or Environmental Protection Agency Certified Technician inspect and collect dust wipe samples to test for lead. If the results of the inspection determined that your property is Led safe for lead-free, the lead inspector or dust wipe technician will provide you with a certificate. You must sign the certificate in mail the signed copy of the certificate and copy of the results to the Philadelphia Department of Health. If your property does not pass this inspection, the property must be repaired using a certified contractor to do the lead remediation work.

More information on this requirement is available by calling the Health Department’s lead and healthy homes program at 215-685-2788.

You will not be permitted to renew your family daycare license in 2018 unless a certification is on file with the health department. We highly recommend you begin the process of obtaining certification as soon as possible.

Scheduling an inspection is easy and it’s probably a lot less expensive as you thought. We can usually inspect your Day Care within 24-48 hours.

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