Discovered Lead in a Philadelphia Home

I was called in to inspect a home in Philadelphia in early July, 2014.  Due to the age and

location of the property, I suspected there was a strong chance of lead based paint on the premises.

The Presence of Lead is Not Always an Eminent Danger

Most of the walls and window sills  tested positive for lead.  This is not necessarily a dangerous situation.  If the paint is in good condition and has been recovered by new paint

Lead paint testing in Philadelphia

You do all you can to protect your children. Get your home tested for lead.

which does not contain lead, it can still be considered “safe”.  It’s not unusual for the presence of lead to be completely contained within the coating of new paint.  We give a home or apartment a “lead-safe” certificate.

What we do in this case is to take special samples called Dust Wipes and send them off to a lab for testing.  Lead in dust is a serious problem.  In with dust, it’s almost assured a certain amount of lead has already been inhaled or ingested and that’s a significant danger, especially to children.

Visually, this particular property was in very nice condition and although it tested positive for lead, I was anticipating a lead-safe result would be coming back from the lab.  However, before I left the property, I noticed a hinged baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and discovered a small patch of dust on the floor under the hinge.

Turns out, every time that baby gate is opened and shut, the vibration causes a small amount of dust to plume from around the screw holes.  The dust tested positive for lead.  A crawling child could easily end up with that dust on her hands, her pajamas, her teddy bear, on her face and in her mouth.

I am a trained risk assessor, not just a lead paint tester.  This is a scenario which could have easily been overlooked, especially because the house was otherwise in pristine condition.

Don’t take chances.  The peace of mind you’ll have from addressing the lead levels in your home is worth the small investment.  We give pricing right over the phone.  Call or fill out our online form today.