How Does Lead Dust From Paint Become Airborne

In a previous article, we described how lead paint, encapsulated in layers of newer paint was released when a baby gate which gets opened and closed and nudged and bumped and shaken many times in a day disturbed the painted woodwork which resulted in creating lead dust.

A Common Cause of Lead Exposure-Window Sills and Window Seats

Windows and window sills are a lead exposure “hot spot”.  Because windows open and close and are subject to fluctuating temperatures and weather, paint, caulks and sealants decay faster causing paint to chip and flake.

Window sills are often used as shelves for books, picture frames, vases and knickknacks. Just the simple act of picking up a book and putting it down, looking at or dusting off photo frames, or changing the water in a vase of fresh flowers brings on the wear and stress on a painted surface which brings the lead content of old paint to the surface.

Lead based paint could exist beneath layers and layers of repainted surfaces.  

Once lead dust surface, it’s rather invisible.  We all have dust in the home and lead dust will be indistinguishable, especially as it blends with normal house dust.  It will, however end up on the hands, on the bottom of shoes and socks and ultimately become airborne.

There is no safe level of lead exposure and children are most vulnerable.   

We have sophisticated equipment is designed to detect it. The existence of lead paint is not always an eminent danger.  You can have lead paint in your home or apartment and be issued a lead-safe certification which is valid for a period of 2 years in the City of Philadelphia.  After 2 years, your dwelling should be tested again exactly because it’s important to make sure the lead is still safely beneath a protective coating.

If your property, home or apartment is certified lead-free, it never needs to be restested.

Get peace of mind.  Have your place tested for lead paint.  It fast, easy and inexpensive. You’ll sleep better knowing your home is safe for your family.