New Lead Testing Law in Philadelphia

Beginning December 21, 2012, the Lead Paint Disclosure and Certification Law will require Philadelphia landlords to ensure that property rented to families with children 6 years and younger is lead safe.

Despite years of progress, large numbers of children in Philadelphia continue to be exposed to lead paint and lead dust in their homes. More than half of these children are living with their families in rental properties.

The goal of the new law is to prevent all children who live in Philadelphia rental properties from becoming lead poisoned.

The law states that upon turnover, before renting any house or apartment built before 1978, to new tenants with children aged 6 years and younger, the landlord must:

  • certify the property is lead safe or lead free
  • provide the tenant with a copy of a lead safe or lead free certificate, along with other required information
  • provide the Department of Public Health with a copy of the lead safe or lead free certificate, signed by the tenant

In addition, landlords must indicate they are complying with the law when they apply for a new or renewed rental license.