Perform Lead Paint Testing to Prevent Violation

Recent laws in Philadelphia have made it clear to property owners how important it is to eradicate any traces of lead paint, especially if these properties are being rented out to families with young children.

Landlords Required to Test for Lead Based Paint

Because so many of these residences were built prior to the outlawing of lead-based paint in 1978, it’s not unusual for many to still have remaining layers of lead paint. The Philadelphia Lead Paint Disclosure Law requires that all property owners who are renting to families with children aged six and under have testing done and have the residence certified as lead-safe or lead-free.

Philadelphia Lead Paint Code

The Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code is vital for all property owners to follow. It requires that all interior surfaces, including windows, doors, wood, and plaster, be maintained to prevent peeling, chipping, or flaking paint. If the License & Inspections department receives a complaint from a tenant about these type of conditions, an inspector will respond to the property, and issue a violation if any of the conditions are found. Such a violation will then require the landlord or property owner to take proper steps to remediate any lead-based paint hazards in order to keep renting families safe in the home.

Centers for Disease Prevention

The CDC has deemed any level of lead in the blood unsafe for young children, as it can cause nervous system disorders, attention and learning problems, and much more. Repairs and renovations to a home, such as replacing old wooden sashes or mouldings, installing fixtures, or even hanging pictures, can cause lead-based paint to deteriorate, flake, and chip off, leading to the dust settling around the home where young children can ingest it. As you can see, for families with young children and the landlords who rent homes to them, it’s a very serious matter that should be handled accordingly, in order to protect tenants and avoid violations.

Rental Properties to Be Tested Can Call This Number

To check your home or rental property for the presence of lead-based paint, contact Bayhill Environmental, which serves the entire Philadelphia and South Jersey area. Our licensed technicians use a special x-ray tool, known as an XRF Gun, to conduct a certified, efficient lead testing session. This tool checks all painted surfaces of the home to see if any of the layers of paint contain lead.

Certified Lead Free and Lead Safe Inspections in the Philadelphia Area

If there is no lead-based paint found on the property, it will be certified Lead-Free and never need another inspection. If there is lead-based paint detected, Bayhill Environmental will use a special dust wipe to test the particles for any active lead dust. If none is detected, you’ll receive a Lead-Safe certification and have to have another inspection done every two years or whenever a new tenant moves into your home.

Avoid violations and keep your tenants safe by contacting Bayhill Environmental today at 1-609-238-3012, in PA, 215-284-0086 or filling out our online form, to get a quote or schedule your certified lead inspection.