Testing Children for Lead In the Blood

Lead testing in Philadelphia

Traces of Lead Dust on a baby’s hands ends up in the mouth.

Lead Paint Inspection for Children’s Health and Safety
According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania web site, in August of 2017, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf called for the state to require that all children receive lead toxicity testing. Wolf is pushing for the testing, because so few children are being tested now. Some counties have only 12 percent of all children tested for lead exposure. The counties with the most testing occurring still had less than 50 percent of the children tested for exposure. Wolf wants to ensure that children who have elevated levels of lead in their blood stream receive medical services. He also wants to find out where pockets of homes exist that have higher concentrations of potential lead exposure. Pennsylvania has the third highest number of houses in the nation that were built prior to 1950. Housing that old is a risk factor for exposure to lead paint.

Testing the Home For Lead Based Paint

If you have young children or if you expect to start a family, your home, water, and soil should be tested for the presence of lead. Even low levels of lead in children under 6 years of age can cause permanent damage to the blood, brain, and other organs.
According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health web site, even at low levels of exposure, lead poisoning can create learning difficulties, hearing deficits, stunted growth, and slow natural development in children. When the lead exposure is high, children can experience convulsions, coma, or even die. Peeling paint chips are often picked up by toddlers and placed in their mouth, which is one means of exposure. The dust from lead-based paint can cause lead toxicity in children. Thus, even crawling on the floor could cause exposure to lead. Lead can also harm fetuses in the womb of pregnant women who are exposed to lead in their homes. This is why testing for lead exposure is a key health safety issue in Pennsylvania.

Get a State Certified Lead Inspection Company in Pennsylvania

Bayhill Environmental is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to perform environmental inspections to determine presence of lead in homes, apartment buildings, and commercial properties.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health web site stated one part of lead inspection involves lead paint testing. Water can be tested for lead as well. Homeowners can hire licensed inspectors to carry out the testing. In fact, the EPA urges homeowners to hire a state licensed inspector, because the results of the lead testing are so important. A state licensed inspector will be able to determine if the building has lead-based paint quickly, using an x-ray fluorescence machine, and can also take soil and paint chip samples for laboratory analysis.Thus, lead paint inspection is a critical safety issue for homeowners in Pennsylvania.

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