The Importance of Protecting Families from Lead

lead paint inspectorMore than half of homes in Philadelphia were built in the mid 1950s, more than two decades before lead-based paint was outlawed across the US in 1978. That means that if you own either your own home, or a rental property, in Philadelphia, there is a very good chance that lead paint was used in the property at some point in time.

Thanks to recent laws, including the Lead Paint Disclosure Law, Philadelphia property owners who rent to families with children are required to have lead paint testing conducted in any home or apartment that was built prior to March 1978.

Get Your Home Tested for Lead

Private homeowners are not required to have their home tested for lead paint. While adults are at lower risk of lead poisoning, they can still suffer from the ravages of lead in the blood if they inhale or ingest lead dust over the course of time. If lead does exist, a homeowner should take careful measures to avoid disturbing painted surfaces.

Who is At Risk for Lead Poisioning?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has deemed that no level of lead in the bloodstream is safe, especially for children. However, to fully understand the importance of eradicating lead-based paint and preventing lead dust in homes and apartments, it’s a good idea to take a look at how this substance can impact both children and adults.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, babies and young children are at the highest risk when it comes to lead exposure, for a variety of reasons. For one thing, with bodies and brains that are growing and developing very quickly, their brains and nervous systems are particularly sensitive and susceptible to the effects of lead. Additionally, little ones are more likely to ingest or breathe lead, since they are closer to the ground and more likely to touch objects that may have lead on them, and then put their hands in their mouths. They could also take in lead by inhaling dust or soil that might be laced with lead, or drinking water that is contaminated.

Adults are also at risk, and according to the EPA, could likewise ingest lead by eating or drinking food or water that is contaminated, or by breathing in dust in areas where lead-based paint is deteriorating. Although adults themselves are not as subject to the negative neurological impact of lead paint, it can be particularly dangerous for pregnant women, whose developing babies may suffer the consequences of lead poisoning.

In order to protect families who may rent your home or apartment, then, it’s vital to have lead paint testing done. In these tests, a licensed technician uses a special tool to check all painted surfaces of the home to see if any of the layers of paint contain lead; if they do, further testing will be done to see if the lead paint has begun to deteriorate and cause lead dust around the house. Failure to get this testing done could result in a violation from the License & Inspections Department, which would require you to take steps to remediate any lead-based paint in your property.

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